Aldeka Foods

SP SpA founded in the 2000s with the aim of becoming an industrial benchmark for the sector

Since Inception the goal was to create:
• A sustainable production model
• A unique industrial plant
• Quality as a “must”: thanks to the most
modern processing tools in which the company
invests every year.
• An intergration business model for growth

Continuous investments in highly sophisticated machinery guarantees product safety and quality throughout the process: 

• Latest generation cleaners positioned at the beginning of the process allow to guarantee the clean entry of the paddy being processed, 

• A series of metal detectors and magnets ensure a safe finished product, 

• Latest generation optical sorters, x-ray detectors along the process guarantees high quality standard 

The production capacity of SP’ Group is around 180.000 tons of raw material. We export through EU, UK, Middle East, US, South Africa, South America and Asia

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