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Balsamic cream – with Basil 8.45 oz (250 ml)

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Excellence of ingredients, consistency, aromas, body and imagination. This sweet and sour cream has all the numbers to excite the chefs and their ability to create sauces of particular density and combinations as bold as they are exquisite.
The imagination of the chefs often relies on Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI to create sauces of particular density and to give the dishes an inimitable taste as well as an even more inviting appearance.
The Glaze – Cream Condiré is excellent for garnishing and aromatic risottos, grilled vegetables, meat and it goes perfectly with cheeses, ice creams and sorbets. Finally, for the most refined palates Glaze – Cream Condiré is also available in the following aromas: Strawberry, Raspberry and Basil.
No sugar added!