Aldeka Foods

As a food processing production company, Hugli are acutely aware of our special responsibility for future generations. Social and ecological sustainability are more important to them than making a quick profit.

Hugli stories give you a look behind the scenes; we tell you for example where the ingredients for our foods come from, how they are made and who makes them.

Hugli produce these products with passion for an international clientele. Restaurants, canteens, brand owners, food retailers etc. are among our clientele. Thanks to constant innovation, they are  the largest supplier of long-life convenience products in Europe. Their approximately 1,500 Hügli employees create new delicious, innovative food products every day with passion and enjoyment.

Hugli passion is the professional kitchen and we want to help you with your everyday kitchen life. With good products, but also with solutions that make your everyday life easier.

Hugli food service team of Consultants and Culinary Advisors are at your service.

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